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Software Tools Blogger — stb for short — came about because vee didn't do quite what I wanted it to. So I decided to write my own.  The single Bourne Shell script that is vee was a great help. How it works: you pick a location for your blog, you cd there, you run stb, and there you go, you have a blog. The layout is simple. There is an index file with links to the blog entries, newest first.  There is an RSS feed, which is basically the same thing.  And that's it. It is minimalistic by design, but the appearance of the HTML can be customised so that it doesn't look quite so — raw.  Firstly, by editing the files header.stb and footer.stb. Secondly, by editing the HTML of the posting.  And finally by changing stb itself — it's only a shell script: there is nothing difficult in it. If you would like to have a go yourself, here it is.

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