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unfill, a text filter

I read this post on Linux Questions and thought, hey! I'm sure that would be easier on Unix! ;-) Sure enough, one bout of frenetic typing later:

$ cat -v bin/unfill
#unfill: on a text file where paragraphs are seperated by blank lines,
#joins the lines in a paragraph (this is good for posting to web forums, etc)
#(I couldn't figure out how to do it just with sed, and this is a bit of a
hack, but...)
sed 's/^$/^G/' | tr -d '\n' | tr '^G' '\n'

Invoked from Not The Standard Text Editor like so:

Yes, Virginia, it will break if you have "BELL" characters in your text. But who has "BELL" characters in their text?!

Paul Dunne, Wed May 25 12:30:11 CEST 2016

created with stb

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pay no attention to the 1x1 gif behind the curtain!